For participants

Dear Colleagues,

This document describes the procedure of registration and submission of abstracts and Materials for the XI international conference "Marine Mammals of the Holarctic" (on-line), as well as links to the website of Monomax LLC, a partner of the conference, which will send Zoom links to online sessions during the conference itself.

If you decide to participate in our conference, you need to:

  1. Register on the webpage by filling in all required fields.After registration, you will receive a confirmation of the registration by e-mail.
  2. If you have already been previously registered on our website, you can enter your unique username and password on the webpage to access your personal account. If you forgot your password, you can restore it yourself or contact us for support at
  3. Having accessed your personal account from, check previously entered personal information and update it if necessary.
  4. In your personal account you may upload abstracts and materials following the guidelines.
  5. From your account you will go to the website of Monomax LLC - the conference partner. All necessary financial operations will be performed on Monomax LLC website: registration fee payment, hotel reservation and payment (if needed), visa support, excursion booking, etc., as well as sending Zoom links to online sessions during the conference itself.
  6. Please note that for your financial security, the login and password on Monomax LLC website may be different than the ones you entered during registrationon the https://marmam.ruwebsite. You can get unique Monomax password by clicking on the "Get Password" button on the webpage or in the e-mailyou receive upon registration.
  7. Any questions regarding the operation of the website, submission of abstracts, materials and your personal account, you can direct to the secretary of the conference using contact information provided here
  8. All questions regarding payments and operation of the website of our partner Monomax LLC, please direct to Monomax support team using contact information  listed here