Council for Marine Mammals (SMM)

A non-governmental, non-profit public organization that unites specialists in marine mammals and people who are not indifferent to the issues and problems associated with the conservation and study of marine mammals

The Council was established on September 20, 1995 and registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation (No. 5292)

MMH VII, Suzdal / 2012

Our mission for 5 purposes

  1. Development of directions and programs Development of the main directions and programs of scientific research in the field of study, conservation and resource-saving use of marine mammals
  2. Cooperation Cooperation with Russian and international organizations in the study of marine mammals
  3. Support for specialists and organizations Providing methodological and organizational support to specialists and organizations conducting research on marine mammals
  4. Organization of events Organization and holding of conferences, meetings and symposia devoted to various issues of studying and protecting marine mammals
  5. Research Organization and conduct of own research aimed at the conservation of marine mammals

Board and management MMC

Board members MMC 2020

Belikov Stanislav Egorovich
Vice-chairman Marine Mammal Council
Doctor of Biological Sciences
Vladimir Burkanov
Vice-chairman Marine Mammal Council
PhD in Biological sciences
Vedenev Alexander Ivanovich
PhD in Physico-Mathematical sciences
Vladimirov Valery Anatolyevich
PhD in Biological sciences
Lisitsyna Tatyana
PhD in Biological sciences
Starodubtsev Yury Dmitrievich
PhD in Biological sciences
Chernook Vladimir Ilyich
Doctor of Geographical sciences
Iya Smelova
PhD in Biological sciences
Dmitri Glazov
Executive Director Marine Mammal Council