The XI International Conference "Marine Mammals of the Holarctic

16 December 2019

Following the decision of the X International Conference on Marine Mammals of the Holarctic in Memory of Professor Alexey V. Yablokov, Russian Marine Mammal Council is organizing the XI International Conference on Marine Mammals of the Holarctic.

   The Conference will be held on October 2020 in Moscow.

   The objectives of the Conference are to discuss the results and prospects of marine mammal research, and their protection and use in the Northern Hemisphere. Traditionally, special attention will be paid to the following topics:
•    Population biology;
•    Estimate of abundance and monitoring status;
•    Ecology (e.g., nutrition, distribution, habitat, and migration);
•    Behavior and acoustics;
•    Physiology, toxicology, and pollution;
•    Veterinary for marine mammals;
•    Contemporary research methods;
•    Conservation, use, management, and legislation;
•    Rehabilitation and captivity;
•    Reduction of impact on marine mammals caused by economic activities.

   Information about the exact dates of the Conference, the procedure for registration and abstract submission will be provided in the next Announcement not late then February 01, 2020.

   The Organizing Committee welcomes the participants to propose workshops and special events, which may occur during the conference on subjects pertaining to the Objectives (above), and invites the cooperation and welcomes any assistance from individuals and organizations with an interest in the Conference and its activities.

                                                    Organizing Committee
                                                    of the XI International Conference
                                                    “Marine Mammals of the Holarctic”