Marine mammals of the Holarctic - Announcement 2

Marine mammals of the Holarctic - Announcement 2

27 March 2018

Dear colleagues:

We hereby inform you that registration and submission of materials for the X International Conference "Marine mammals of the Holarctic" dedicated to the memory of Professor Alexei Vladimirovich Yablokov, will commence on March 30, 2018.

Registration of participants, and submission of abstracts and extended materials to the Collection of Scientific Papers will be accomplished through the web site Included on the web site will be information regarding updates on the preparation of the conference and recommendations on the format for submitting abstracts and materials for publication.

General information on the procedure for registration is in Appendix 1.

We encourage participants to submit proposals on the meetings, thematic round tables, and workshops on the study, conservation and management of marine mammal populations. To reserve a room at the meetings, please specify the following information in your application:

  • topic
  • moderator’s name and contact information
  • expected number of participants
  • date as well as time of the beginning and end of the event.

Applications deadline is May 30, 2018. Please send proposals to the Organizing Committee by e-mail: